Center of Excellence

TPH-Logo-SmallThe TPH Center of Excellence is a leading academic and athletic training program for student-athletes in grades 6-12. During the academic year, student-athletes enrolled in the Center of Excellence spend part of their school day in classes provided by an accredited, proven leader in virtual programs. For the other portion of their day, student-athletes train on-ice and off-ice with the Total Package Hockey professional coaching staff.

Total Package Hockey Vision


  • The classroom is a blended and student-centered learning environment

  • Customized to each student’s unique talents, challenges, and schedule

  • Providing daily attention and academic help from on-site qualified staff


  • The ice and the gym are high performance athlete-centered training environments

  • Customized to build on each athlete’s strengths, sharpen their skills and strengthen their weaknesses

  • Designed to complement each athlete’s participation on competitive club or travel teams

432 Training Hours

One School Year

72 Training Hours

One Youth Hockey Season

360 Training Hours

Five Youth Hockey Seasons

One School Year is the training equivalent
of five seasons of youth hockey

A day in the life at the
Center of Excellence
in Canton, MI
The Students Perspective


It is said, “good leaders must first become good servants” – this is the heart of personal growth and the key for being a valued team mate in athletics, in academics, in business and as a family.


“A strong sense of community fosters shared duty and care for each other and the larger group. It allows individuals to rise above their own limitations and groups to become more than the sum of their parts. This is the foundation of team sports, leadership and citizenship.”


“A strong academic foundation and a commitment to continuous learning is essential for improved performance and success – in the classroom, on the ice and for a lifetime.”



It is the mission of THE TPH CENTER OF EXCELLENCE to provide student-athletes with the total package of academic, athletic, organizational and social competencies needed to excel, not only in academics and athletics but throughout their lives as leaders in their careers and in their communities

Building Student-Athletes with the
Passion and Tools
to Excel

  • One of the largest hockey service providers in the country

  • With a track record of moving players to junior and college hockey

  • Training and developing over 4,000 youth hockey players annually

  • Specializing in skill based player development from grassroots to elite programs

  • Staffed with highly qualified elite hockey professionals from all levels of the game

We believe our INNOVATIVE approach provides players a unique training and personal development opportunity
We believe that personal DEDICATION
is the key to being a great teacher as
well as being a great student-athlete
We believe that continuous LEARNING
is essential for improving
performance on and off the ice