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Jan 10th, 2022 08:00 PM

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“What I love about TPH is their leadership and mentorship of their program.  The academics are great, they are all NCAA certified classes that they are taking. But the leadership is par none. It is raising these boys and girls to be leaders out in the community and wherever they end up”


Christine Baugh

Mother of Brett - TPH Center of Excellence Denver

I like the idea that TPH has created more a holistic concept and approach where they provide the academics and it seems to me they have a great nutrition program. Bree has been amazing in helping McKenzie achieve her fitness and nutrition goals. I just love the people that are part of the program and I am excited to have more athletes join the TPH Center of Excellence.”


Kori Ade

Figure Skating Coach - Scott Hamilton Skating Academy working with TPH Center of Excellence Nashville

"It’s apparent that the growth of these kids is their number one priority.  I’ve seen considerable emotional and academic progress in my 11 year old these past few months .  Her confidence in her playing ability has multiplied exponentially, and I attribute much of that to the positive environment of the Center of Excellence.  I’m proud of her and look forward to seeing her work ethic and TPH’s guidance takes her."


Lisa Frank

Mother of Jamie - TPH Center of Excellence Denver

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Student-Athletes accross the nation have trained at the TPH Center of Excellence since 2014.


We are excited at how fast our model has grown and how we have been able to increase our impact on student-athletes across the nation.

“My son spent his senior year attending the Grand Rapids Center of Excellence program. As early as the first showcase I noticed a change in the way he skated. He seemed to be in more command of the ice and moved in a way that I hadn't seen before. He has also done very well academically, and as a estimate to gym time 'wow he's big' was the comment recently made to us by someone who saw my son last August.


Leah Ham

Mother of Kyle Van Compernolle - TPH Center of Excellence Grand Rapids

"Cael loves his school and says everyday that he is happy he decided to make the change. He left a ton of public school friends to improve his game. We've seen a huge change in his confidence playing too. Your school has made the difference. Our family is thankful to have TPH in Nashville."

Amy Lewis

Mother of Cael - TPH Center of Excellence Nashville

In prior traditional and charter schools Thomas has been at, they didn’t really understand a hockey player and what it takes with the amount of travel that a hockey player has. Also, his friend group really didn’t understand that. But coming to TPH he’s amongst peers that are all in the same position that he is and they get it. The school gets it and it works within his academics so that he can pace himself. So he really has been the happiest by coming here and working with other teammates as well as meeting kids from other teams he is playing.”


Patti Elsensohn

Mother of Thomas - TPH Center of Excellence Denver

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