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Bird Selected as Head of Academics for 2021-22 School Year at TPH Indianapolis Center of Excellence

TPH Indianapolis – Center of Excellence (CoE) is proud to announce new hire LeAnn Bird in the role of Head of Academics. Bird, who brings a polished background, will support the mission of the hybrid learning academy model to help aspiring student-athletes Study, Train, Play to their fullest potential. In this new role, she will assist in fostering a positive learning environment that promotes academic success for all students who step foot in the CoE and monitor academic progress and create a customized learning environment for all students.  


“We are very excited to welcome LeAnn as our new Head of Academics in Indianapolis,” TPH Chief Academic Officer Bill Simms said. “Her extensive experience advising Division 1 student-athletes at schools like the University of Wisconsin and University of Illinois will provide tremendous value to our aspiring student-athletes at our Indiana Center of Excellence.” 


In her previous positions, Bird had the opportunity to work for three of the most prominent athletic departments in the country, including Florida State University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Illinois. Her credentials consist of a Bachelor of Science in both Biology and General Science as well as Education and a Master of Art in Physical Education from Salem-Teikyo University in Salem, WV. She also holds records at the university as the third leading scorer in history for Women’s Basketball, was awarded Teacher of the Year from Bath County High School in Virginia, and was also awarded the 2008 Star Award for Outstanding Science Teacher in Las Vegas, NV. Bird earned certificates for Physical Education for grades 5-12 and Biology and General Science in grades 9-12.  


As a Learning Specialist and an Academic Advisor at Florida State University, she created 4-year academic plans for student-athletes, monitored grades and progress towards their degree, and matched students with learning specialists that met their educational needs. Next, she became an Assistant Director and Lead Learning Specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She created semester and weekly calendars for student-athletes to develop time management skills, worked with advisors and learning specialists to provide a “CARE TEAM” approach to ensure success, and utilized “GradesFirst” to monitor grades, tutor sessions, and all appointments. 


Lastly, as an Associate Director of Academic Services, Director of the Learning Services Program at the University of Illinois, Bird focused on creating proactive, rather than reactive, work environments and worked diligently with at-risk students, primarily students challenged by a lack of academic preparedness. She also collaborated with the coaching staff in various sports on strategies to assist student-athletes in meeting learning needs, developing young mentors and tutors to guide students, and supporting students with mental health challenges in a safe and confidential environment. Bird prides her talents and abilities in working with students from diverse backgrounds and various learning abilities to help them discover what they are capable of accomplishing. 


“I am looking forward to developing lifelong learners. It is an exciting opportunity to work with middle school and high school students to develop the skills needed to be successful in life. My goals for the school year are to develop strong relationships with the students and their families and to have our student-athletes involved in the community,” stated Bird.


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