TPH Center of Excellence Student-Athletes Celebrate TK Day

Commitment, accountability and a team first mindset – a few words that describe what made Major Thomas E. Kennedy special in the eyes of many. Whether you knew him from the United States Military Academy at West Point or from community events, Major Kennedy was the definition of a servant leader; sacrificing his life for our freedom while heroically serving in Afghanistan in 2012. 


Recently, TPH Center of Excellence student-athletes celebrated TK Day. This inaugural event was created to generate awareness for the TK Foundation Scholarship Fund which provides financial assistance to deserving student-athletes each year who demonstrate the values Major Kennedy admired most. 



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Across the United States, TPH Center of Excellence student-athletes participated in community service outreach to honor Veterans, attended a virtual presentation and concluded TK Day with a memorial skate, run or walk. Furthermore, TPH Center of Excellence CEO, Alan Keeso, mentioned “It was an awesome day as I hope our student-athletes learned that hockey, or their selected sport, is one avenue for success but can maintain excellence in all other areas of life – academics, community, and character. I hope they remember that their actions today matter for their legacy tomorrow”. Digging deeper, more insight is given on what living the “TK Way” truly means: 


Give Back

Major Kennedy always ensured his teammates and fellow soldiers’ essential needs were met before caring for himself. TPH Center of Excellence student-athletes sought TK’s honor and legacy of kindness and community building by taking time to brighten the day for dozens of Veterans; writing encouraging letters that were sent to VA homes within their local communities.



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Lead By Example

During the virtual presentation, TPH Center of Excellence student-athletes intently listened to keynote speaker, and elite West Point Black Knights Hockey Head Coach, Brian Riley who focused on the importance of leadership on and off the ice. Coach Riley discussed how Major Kennedy was fully committed to each portion of his life; making academics a top priority and pursuing each goal with integrity. Furthermore, Coach Riley highlighted how TK kept in close contact with those who had helped him during his time at the United States Military Academy at West Point as a supportive alumni member; showcasing how TK always went above and beyond to do the right thing. 



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Earn It

Hard work is something Major Kennedy never shied away from. Whether it was spending extended time in the classroom or on the ice to perfect his craft, he left no stone unturned. Putting this mindset into action, TPH Center of Excellence student-athletes prepared themselves for elite success through extra training opportunities in unique ways. TPH – St. Louis completed quality down and back drills along with a strong amount of burpees, push-ups and sit-ups. In Atlanta, student-athletes participated in a 5K Skate that began with a National Anthem, moment of silence and a few words from John Kennedy, TK’s brother, who was in attendance. Out west, TPH – Phoenix furthered their cardio workout regime with a hike. 


The few examples mentioned are just a snapshot of how each TPH Center of Excellence location is committed to advancing the potential of every student-athlete; practicing the values Major Thomas E. Kennedy held at a high standard as we should all aspire to live the “TK Way”. 


Ensure your student-athlete is well-rounded and presented with the opportunity to maximize their academic and athletic journey by reserving your seat for the upcoming National Virtual Open House. See you there!

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